Each Thursday from 6:30-9:00, Safe Homes hosts a Drop-In Center. Safe Homes provides dinner, social time, and the opportunity to discuss any concerns with our volunteer staff. The Drop-In Center is open to youth ages 14-23 and is free to all.

T-Time, a safe space for Trans* and gender non-conforming youth, is held on the first and third Thursdays of the month, from 5:30-6:30.  T-Time is open to youth ages 14-23 who identify as trans*, genderqueer, bigender, agender, intersex, gender non-conforming or questioning.

The schedule for the weekly Drop-in Center meetings is:

6:30 p.m. Informal gathering, dinner, opportunities to talk with staff

7:00 p.m. Announcements and Introductions

7:15 p.m. Programming (varies)

8:00 p.m. Dessert, socialization, opportunities to talk with staff

9:00 p.m. Closing

Programming at the Drop-in differs each week, allowing youth to choose from a wide variety of speakers, activities, and presentations. For example, participants listen to presentations on dating violence prevention, learn yoga and relaxation, and prepare for the Safe Homes table at a Youth Pride festival, to name a few!


6 – LGBT Trivia with Krow / T-time

13 – Zen Zone with Mike

20 – Art Group with Simeon and Elton / T-time

27 – Jammin’ with Joss (Jam session/open mic prep)


4 - Open Mic with Sebastian / T-time

11 – LGBT ASL with Otto

18 - “The Surgery” with Elle and Rhys / Coming Out / T-time

25 – All about Safe Sex with Krow


5 - Participating in Activism Large and Small with Elle / T-time

8 – My Romantic and Sexual Orientations Don’t Match?! Discussion Group with Joss and Connor

15 – Pride Prep Jewelry Making / T-time

22 – Pride Prep Jewelry Making

29 – Job Interview Workshop with Connor 2/ Safe Schools & Legal Rights in School


Please Note: If Worcester Public Schools cancel school or call an early release on a Thursday because of Winter weather, Safe Homes will be closed that evening.

All programs are overseen by the peer leaders, adult staff, and the program manager. If you have an idea for a Safe Homes program, please contact us.