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Our Mission: 

Our goal in offering support to LGBTQIA+ youth throughout Central Massachusetts is to decrease isolation and foster general health and well-being. Our mission is to provide safe and supportive services for LGBTQIA+ youth so that they feel nurtured and validated in all aspects of their identity.

There is something for everyone at Safe Homes. Whether you are looking for advice, information, or new friends, we hope you will consider checking us out. 

Our Values: 

Safe Homes youth have created, follow and enforce a set of values that are integral to the Drop-in Center:

  • Safe Homes is a safe space for all participants

  • Everyone has the right to have a voice and to feel heard

  • Participants show compassion to all other members

  • Everyone is accepted unconditionally

  • All members show respect to each other and the space

  • The diversity of our Safe Homes family is celebrated!