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Rules of our Discord channel:

Be respectful!

Be respectful and considerate to everyone, and maintain confidentiality. What is said here, stays here.

Use Trigger Warnings (TWs) when appropriate!

Refrain from discussing sensitive topics and use content warnings and censor photos/text for any sensitive media. Use for any disturbing content (creepy pasta, bugs, gore) SH, SA, ED, etc.

Keep it PG-13

Make sure you're using appropriate language. Also please ensure your profile picture and username are appropriate. If you are unsure of what is considered appropriate, feel free to DM a peer leader!

You have the right to have a voice, and the right to be heard! 

Do your best to keep one conversation going at a time, and one person speaking at a time. Use channels for their intended purposes only. Let’s keep this relatively organized!

Get to know each other!

You must react to what applies to you in reaction-roles in order to gain channel access. Once you verify and complete your roles, feel free to nickname yourself with your preferred name and pronouns, and introduce yourself in introductions!

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