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LGBTQIA+ youth are facing attacks,
but you can make a difference.

Dear Safe Homes Supporter,


School should be a safe place for all youth. But that’s not always the case.

LGBTQIA+ youth are under attack for being who they are. In Massachusetts and in your community.

You can help youth today by giving to Safe Homes.

Safe Homes provides weekly drop-in centers in Worcester and Fitchburg as well as an online support community. Youth can access a food pantry, toiletries, our transgender resource center, and free counseling.

But what makes the biggest difference is being among LGBTQIA+ peers and adult mentors.

This is what saved Otto Ruderman’s life.

Your support can save the lives of youth today.

Otto came out as transgender in middle school, at age 13, and faced backlash from classmates. But what was worse, was the backlash from faculty.

They stopped attending school and were in and out of the court system. Until they met an adult mentor at Safe Homes who showed them it was ok to be themselves. They could be queer, and have a successful future, no matter what their classmates or teachers told them.

You can make a difference for youth by providing them with a place where they are safe and surrounded by supportive mentors.

So many youth don’t see a future where they can be themselves and also be successful. 41% of LGBTQIA+ young people considered suicide last year according to The Trevor Project. Without LGBTQIA+ figures in their lives, they believe what the media, politicians, and even family, say about them.

Safe Homes gives youth a safe place and provides them with the guidance and support to see what their future can be.


Beyond helping youth individually, Safe Homes is active in the community. By holding trainings for businesses, parents, and in schools, we are making our community safer for youth.

Once Otto returned to school, Safe Homes gave a presentation to their classmates and faculty. For Otto, this felt like someone was there for them in a place that had felt unwelcoming before.

You can help us make our community safer for our youth.

According to the Trevor Project, nearly 2 in 3 LGBTQIA+ youth say that hearing about potential laws banning people from discussing LGBTQIA+ issues at schools has made their mental health worse.

When so many voices are telling them that they are not welcome, you can show that there are people who care. You can give them a place to be exactly who they are.

Otto’s story isn’t over. Today they work at Safe Homes as a staff member, supporting youth in the same ways they were supported.

Growing up, people told them that being LGBTQIA+ would make their professional life harder. They said it has made it so much better because they can use their experience to help others.


Please give to Safe Homes so that Otto and the staff at Safe Homes have the resources needed to support the youth who attend the program.

By supporting Safe Homes, you are promoting equality and inclusion for our community and supporting a service that directly addresses the needs of queer youth in Central Massachusetts.

Counseling, peer support, gender affirming supplies, an opportunity to be surrounded by people who care.

Please show your support for LGBTQIA+ youth in our community by donating here.

They are counting on you.

Thank you for your generosity and support,

Peter Bacchiocchi and Judi Kirk
Safe Homes Advisory Board Members