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Youth Leadership at Safe Homes Worcester

All youth who attend Safe Homes have opportunities to plan and facilitate activities related to their interests and become Peer Leaders. Peer Leaders are a vital part of Safe Homes. 

Peer Leaders:

  • Shape programming

  • Are ambassadors for the community

  • Have the opportunity to lead activities

  • Meet weekly to discuss activities and to identify key themes/problems they feel the Drop-in Center should address

  • Participate in the development and planning of the Safe Homes quarterly schedule

  • Provide peer support to other youth at the drop in center

  • Receive extensive training

  • Conduct trainings and presentations for community youth workers and educators

Our Peer Staff are divided into two different positions, each with its own primary focus and goals:

  • Our Peer Leaders are mainly responsible for assisting adult staff in creating a safe community for the other youth that attend the program.

  • In addition to all of the duties of Peer Leaders, our Peer Mentors also support the training and professional development of the Peer Leaders. They act as a step between our full-time staff members and our Peer Leaders, both in responsibility levels and job expectations.

Meet a few of our Peer Leaders!

Noah (He/Him)
Noah is a Peer Leader for Safe Homes and has been attending the program for about three years.

He enjoys drawing and the game Minecraft.




Otto (He/They)
Otto is currently a Peer Leader at Safe Homes and has been attending the drop-in regularly since 2016. He is studying Psychology and English in college. They hope to be an LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapist someday. In his free time, they enjoy baking, collecting Sanrio toys and playing Minecraft!





Marshall/Whisper (He/They/Ve)

Whisper is a peer leader and has been involved with Safe Homes for three years. Ve is an aspiring digital artist and animator. Ve identifies as emo/scene and indulges in 2012 internet culture. Ve loves chocolate, pickles, video games, horror, drawing, and the color green! Ve is neurodivergent and transmasculine, and is passionate about LGBTQIA+, disabled, and racial advocacy. Marshall has 6 cats!